Saul + Vanessa {Modesto, CA – Modesto Banquet Hall}

Saul & Vanessa’s wedding was amazing. Such an smooth and perfect event!

From the moment I arrived to the end of the party, this wedding was full of love, laughter and dancing!!!

Mr & Mrs Lupercio

August 16th 2014

Ceremony: St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Hughson, CA

Reception: Modesto Banquet Hall

Make-up by Katie C


IMG_3338-1IMG_3338-2 IMG_3355 IMG_3355-2

Most of her beautiful accessories were brought from her beautiful country of Mexico. aren’t they just gorgeous. such a unique lace and pears headpiece.


Look at this amazing brooch bouquet. love all the hits of peach, rose and gold. simply beautiful

IMG_3432IMG_3355-4 IMG_3461 IMG_3461-2 IMG_3492


Vanessa has such beautiful eyes, glad the make-up artist gave her a natural look and not outshine her natural beauty!!!

IMG_3517 IMG_3517-2


I love that sign, those boys owned their role in the wedding!!

IMG_3560 IMG_3560-2 IMG_3581 IMG_3604 IMG_3610 IMG_3610-2

After the ceremony, the bride and groom were overwhelmed with love and best wishes from friends and family. It’s amazing to see how weddings brings families together for the sole purpose to celebrate LOVE



Here is a beautiful picture of two families coming together for the new couple to become one in marriage. I love the sweet shady spot I found just around the corner of the church!


fam IMG_3701 IMG_3709 IMG_3718 IMG_3728 IMG_3734 IMG_3752


IMG_3758-Edit IMG_3789-Edit copy IMG_3803-Edit copy

turlock_ceres_modesto_manteca_stockton_tracy_wedding_photography_photographe_webrIMG_3809-Edit copy IMG_3870





modesto banquet hall entrance -2IMG_3886 modesto banquet hall entrance

candy barmodesto banquet hall wedding details


modesto banquet hall weddingsmodesto banquet hall weddings first danceIMG_4092

mom danceIMG_4114 brother dance


modesto banquet hall wedding dancing

couple dance danceramo run


IMG_4231 IMG_4239 IMG_4247 IMG_4251 IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4260 IMG_4269 IMG_4277

IMG_4338 IMG_4345

IMG_4463 IMG_4465 IMG_4467


fun family

IMG_4355 IMG_4593



Don’t forget to leave a friendly comment below if you liked this wedding or if you were it the wedding. Some nice thoughts for the bride and groom is always nice!!

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