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Macro Photography | one photo a week

I’ve always wanted to get into macro photography, but canon macro lenses can get pretty pricey!

I recently  found out that you could use old camera lenses on DSLR cameras by attaching a little thing called, adapters. I paid no more than $25 dollars for mine. (photodiox pro FD to EOS)

for this little test, i used the Canon FD 50mm 3.5 Macro lens. You can find these kind of lenses at your local thrift shop or flea markets.($25-75)

I love love how beautiful and how close I am able to get to the subject. I’ve never owned a “real” macro lens but from what I’ve experienced with my own lenses, i am liking what I can do with this lens.


Here is a look at the RAW image

Canon 6d 1/200 ISO 1000


IMG_9964 IMG_9967


if any of you guys have any questions, feel free to leave your question below, i will do my best to answer to my best knowledge!

i am so excited about my new find that i wanted everyone to know! i am more than happy with my little macro lens!






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