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Turlock Wedding : Alma & Eddie

uhh I am so excited to share this wedding with you all…

This beautiful wedding took place on January 11th 2014 in the beautiful Central Valley city of Turlock.

Who would have thought that our rain scare will melt away with a wonderful overcast day! The weather turned out amazing for their pictures.

Alma you made such a beautiful bride, I had no doubt that you were going to our breath away with your stunning dress.

This wedding was filled wonderful beautiful details, a beautiful bride and groom and with traditional Hispanic traditions this wedding was one that I will not forget.

Davila Wedding-16

Davila Wedding-24


01 03

Davila Wedding-33

Davila Wedding-2

05Davila Wedding-63 Davila Wedding-68

08 Their Ceremony took place in the beautiful Our Lady of the Assumption Turlock, CA

Davila Wedding-82Davila Wedding-85

10Davila Wedding-97Davila Wedding-9311121314Davila Wedding-280 Davila Wedding-275 Davila Wedding-27315171923Davila Wedding-316Davila Wedding-319

Davila Wedding-326Davila Wedding-334Davila Wedding-332Davila Wedding-398

Davila Wedding-348Davila Wedding-408Davila Wedding-409couple wedding turlockDavila Wedding-35730 31Davila Wedding-445Davila Wedding-451 Davila Wedding-458

After our formals, we headed out to the wonderful city of Ceres California. Their venue was decorated beautifully.

Davila Wedding-577 Davila Wedding-576 Davila Wedding-575 Davila Wedding-564 Davila Wedding-561 Davila Wedding-555 Davila Wedding-554 Davila Wedding-548Davila Wedding-584 3534Davila Wedding-603 36 37Such a fun night. It’s always wonderful seeing the couple just enjoying their beautiful day with out stress just pure joy!

 Davila Wedding-737

Davila Wedding-739Davila Wedding-615 Davila Wedding-623Davila Wedding-628Davila Wedding-779 Davila Wedding-780 Davila Wedding-781 Davila Wedding-785 Davila Wedding-786 Davila Wedding-787 Davila Wedding-789 Davila Wedding-791 Davila Wedding-793Davila Wedding-7514042Davila Wedding-892 Davila Wedding-894

Hope you all enjoyed looking through these beautiful images… Thank you all for stopping by!

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Have a wonderful day everyone!!



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