Jamie & Joshua Russell |The Merlot Lodi, CA

Jamie & Joshua Russell |The Merlot Lodi, CA

Ohh my. I am so happy i finally got through editing these images. I have been dying trying to use them for this my new bog.
The day was perfect, the venue was breath taking and the bride…what can I say? She looked like she came straight out of a bridal magazine..just gorgeous!!
Jamie & Joshua said their I Do’s in a beautiful venue, The Merlot Banquet in Lodi, Ca. That place was totally transformed by the creative gifts of the bride. She’s one of those woman that when they want something, they get it done. And she did!! The dramatic lighting, the food, the music all customized by the couple. I was floored by how smooth everything went.
lodi merlot wedding-007

lodi merlot wedding-011

lodi merlot wedding-012lodi merlot wedding-013lodi merlot wedding-016

lodi merlot wedding-026 lodi merlot wedding-025

lodi merlot wedding-023  lodi merlot wedding-021

lodi merlot wedding-020

lodi merlot wedding-019 lodi merlot wedding-018

The couple decided to see eachother before the wedding. On our quest to find the right location for their first look, we decided on Michael David Winery in Lodi. It was the perfect setting for their first look, under a beautiful Willow tree.

lodi merlot wedding-033 lodi merlot wedding-034 lodi merlot wedding-035 lodi merlot wedding-036 lodi merlot wedding-037 lodi merlot wedding-038 lodi merlot wedding-039

lodi merlot wedding-027 lodi merlot wedding-030 lodi merlot wedding-031

lodi merlot wedding-046 lodi merlot wedding-047 lodi merlot wedding-048 lodi merlot wedding-049 lodi merlot wedding-050 lodi merlot wedding-051 lodi merlot wedding-052 lodi merlot wedding-040  lodi merlot wedding-042

after doing their official portraits at the winery, we set off to get them married….

lodi merlot wedding-068 lodi merlot wedding-069

lodi merlot wedding-070 lodi merlot wedding-071   lodi merlot wedding-074  lodi merlot wedding-076         lodi merlot wedding-004

immediately after the ceremony, the couple had a little treat planned for the wedding party…so we took off to the local bar for some “refreshments” 😀

lodi merlot wedding-103 lodi merlot wedding-104 lodi merlot wedding-105 lodi merlot wedding-106 lodi merlot wedding-107

I always have my camera ready for pictures after a liquor shot. Haha see why!!!

lodi merlot wedding-108

on our way back, the bride and groom had some fun taking some creative/silly photos!!!

lodi merlot wedding-109 lodi merlot wedding-110

Jason from www.legend was working the shots too..his video came out amazing…so much creativity!!

lodi merlot wedding-094

…with the sunset almost ready to set, i was lucky to have found the perfect backdrop and light for Jamie’s beautiful mini bridal session..

lodi merlot wedding-093

lodi merlot wedding-085 lodi merlot wedding-086

lodi merlot wedding-087 lodi merlot wedding-088

lodi merlot wedding-089 lodi merlot wedding-090

lodi merlot wedding-091 lodi merlot wedding-092

lodi merlot wedding-095 lodi merlot wedding-114

lodi merlot wedding-096 lodi merlot wedding-112

Thank you Jamie and Joshua for giving me the honor to document your beautiful wedding day! May all these memories be treasure for ever!


Vendors List

Dress Maker: The Elizabeth Bridal Salon in Lodi. Dress designer Jasmine.
Tuxedos: Tuxedo Sen Sacramento.
Flowers: purchased at San Francisco flower market. Made by bride.
Music: Behind The Scenes Elk Grove
Lights: Behind The Scenes Elk Grove
Video: Legend Cinematography
Food\catering: done by family
Bride’s Makeup: Bride
Bride’s Hair: Kristen Patterson at Renaissance Salon. Lodi, Ca
Venue: The Merlot. Lodi
Photo booth: Express Yourself Photo Booth. Stockton, CA

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